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Customer Testimonials

I used your Liquid Rubber product on a Rental Property that had a 43ft x 50ft flat roof addition that was leaking water when it rained or snowed.

The existing EPDM black rubber material was in pretty good shape but had a lot of small holes and tar patches. There was some standing water and the fiberboard underneath was wet. The existing EPDM rubber roofing and fiber board had been installed on top

Instead of tearing the existing EPDM and fiberboard off, as was suggested by a Roofing Company, I decided to fix it with your product. Around the perimeter of the roof, I put in six 12"x12" standard roof vents. I installed the vents by cutting an X in the existing EPDM and slipped in the vent.

I screwed down the vents through the old EPDM black rubber and trimmed back enough old EPDM so the new Liquid Rubber would have plenty of surface of both the old EPDM black rubber and the polished aluminum flashing of the roof vents.

I sealed up the X cuts I had made with an Elastomeric Caulk and primed the areas that had the Tar patching on them with your Elastomeric Primer product.

Then I spread eight 5 gallon buckets of Liquid Rubber with a 3 foot wide rubber squeegee. The stuff took about 2 days to set-up because is was cold (April in Wisconsin is not kind in the weather department) but it turned out FANTASTIC!!

If you ever need a personal recommendation please have them contact me.

Roofing companies quoted us $8,950. With a little help from two friends I was able to powerwash the roof on a Monday, install vents & prime the roof on Tuesday, and spread the Liquid Rubber on Wednesday.

Your product saved me literally thousands of dollars. Below are the pictures

Best Regards,

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