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Want more information on Liquid Roof?

productionWeather-ometer: 2,000 hours (ASTM D4459-8-03)
Pot Life: up to 10 hours (dependent on temperature)
Cure Rate: About 20 hours to the touch, 50 hours to walk on, and up to 5 days for a full cure (assuming temperatures allow for curing)
Remember that Liquid Roof and Liquid Rubber require a minimum temperature of 55° F to cure.
Fully cured EPDM rubber withstands alkalis, polar solvents, and acids.

What Makes Up Liquid Rubber?

roof liquid mixing Liquid Rubber is very close, chemically, to regular EPDM. It can stand up to extreme heat and cold, is UV and ozone stable, and ages very well. It’s instantly waterproof upon application. Your coating works well in temperatures as long as -62° F and as high as 300° F.

How Much Can I Cover Per Gallon?

On a flat surface, you can achieve the ideal 20 mil. thickness at 42 square feet per gallon. One gallon of Liquid Rubber boasts:
Weight/gallon 8 pounds (mixed)
Tensile 680 psi
Elongation 180-200%
Brittle Point -62degrees F

How Fast Will It Cure?

This depends wholly on the outside temperature and the thickness of the coating. You need both oxygen and 55° F temperatures or hire for curing to take place.

Technical Properties

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