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Suggested Applications
Suggested Applications

liquid epdm product liquid rubber

The following are recommended substrates to coat:


Acceptable Application

For Neoprene:

If Neoprene rubber has been Talced then this should be removed by washing with detergent or wiping with solvent soaked rag. Liquid Rubber can be applied directly to Neoprene. Some swelling of the Neoprene should be expected but this will recover over time. The distortion resulting from the swelling will be greater if Neoprene is thin and not adhered to a rigid substrate.

For Polyurethane:

A light sanding of the surface is recommended for better adhesion. No swelling will occur.


Do Not use Liquid Roof or Liquid Rubber on the following substrates: For the below applications you can use the asphalt based system located here Asphalt Based Repairs

  • Built up asphalt roofs
  • TPO (Thermoplastic Olefin) First needs to be primed with the Proflex Primer
  • RV owners with Alpha roof's need to prime the roof first with the Proflex Primer
  • Modified asphalt roll roofing
  • Trafficked areas such as decks or patios
  • Stainless steel Glass Silicone caulk Foot traffic surfaces Hypalon Membrane

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