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Liquid Roof For Your RV Repair RV Customer Testimonial
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Liquid Roof is specifically formulated for vehicles that are in motion. It has a higher reflective value but more important a higher tensile strength which is very forgiving when your vehicle is traveling down the highway. If your RV or trailer is stationary all year you can use the Liquid Rubber but please note should you eventually travel with it the warranty would no longer be valid. For any separation in the joints seams we suggest applying the two sided Butyl tape along the seams prior to the application of the Liquid roof. For areas around your vents, air conditioners or where existing caulk has become loose we suggest filling those with the Rutex caulk found on or order form. This Caulk has been field tested and is compatible with the liquid epdm and will not void its warranty. It is free of any solvents or isocyanates and is 100% volume solids. More information can be found HERE (RUBEX CAULK)

Taking Care of Your RV

RV Roof RepairDon’t wait until a leak has gone from bad to worse. They key to a comfortable, quality, long-lasting RV is prevention and maintenance. Check the seams regularly. Inspect the roof and hard to reach spots for leaks. Remember that it’s the leak you don’t see that’s the most damaging and dangerous. Moisture inside your RV is the worst thing that can happen.

An Expert’s View on EPDM

Steps to Prevention
Liquid Roof—designed just for RVs—makes preventative care easy. All it takes is one simple coat, zero primer, and you can guard against leaks and extend the life of your RV’s roof. Easy, right? Just make sure you continue to check for damage and leaks twice a year. You never know what might happen, but Liquid Roof gives you a great advantage. A simple inspection can help you spot early trouble signs.

Most RV manufacturers depend on caulk and other easy sealants around openings. That works for awhile. However, Liquid Roof can further protect areas like vents and flashings to extend the life of an existing sealant. You can apply it in hard to reach spots with a paint brush. Keep in mind that sometimes, manufacturers use single-ply EPDM. That can cause chalking, but Liquid Roof can fix it. There’s only one solution for your RV roof—Liquid Roof. You’ll also enjoy a five-year warranty with no conditions.

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Where to Use It?
The easy answer is almost anywhere. You can recoat a number of surfaces including sheet rubber, asphalt, metal, and urethane foam. Don’t forget about roof tiles, plywood, and roof desks. It’s a great option for steel, especially if you live near the ocean. Salt water can be very damaging, but Liquid Roof can handle it. Liquid Roof is by far the best product available. Benefits include:

  • Withstands still and ponding water
  • Withstands almost any weather condition
  • UV and ozone resistant
  • Maintains flexibility
  • Instantly waterproofs
  • Genuine one-coat application
  • Applicable on almost any roofing surface
  • For Fleetwood models with ALPHA roofs you will need to use the ProFlex Primer

Liquid Roof is Your Choice

Liquid Roof is designed to fix leaks permanently, reflect heat, improve the look of your RV, and extend the life of the roof. Don’t be tempted by other products—they can’t compete with Liquid Rubber. Silicone, acrylic, and neoprene have their pros, but fall short when it really matters. Make sure you have the information you need to make a wise choice.



Most RVs has acrylic coatings and sealants. That makes sense. They’re simple to use and cure very quickly. However, if there’s a rain shower, freezing, dew, any moisture, harsh winds, or pretty much any adverse condition at all right after the application, the coating can be ruined. Acrylics can’t resist ponding water. They’re also not durable with single-ply surfaces.

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Maybe you’ve heard of EPDM rubber. Liquid Roof is the liquid equal. EPDM rubber is the proven leader in strength and protection for three decades. Liquid EPDM resists ozone and UV rays, can stand up to even the hottest temperatures and freezing spells, and ages beautifully.

You’re probably wondering how much Liquid Roof costs. It costs more than acrylics and other products on the market. However, it will last. You can’t count on that with any other product. Are you really saving money if your roof gets damaged, or if you have to re-coat every year? No. Liquid Roof is a one-coat, one-time application that can extend the life of your roof for several years.

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Prepare Your RV Roof

Make sure the surface is clean, dry, and any paint or caulk that’s peeling has been removed. Check fasteners for strength and replace anything that’s not up to snuff. Rust can be removed with a wire brush. Power washing is the best way to clean your roof prior to coating, and make sure it dries completely. If you spot gaps larger than 1/16”, caulk them before applying Liquid Roof.

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