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Liquid Rubber

For Residential and Commercial Roofing Only

Where Can Liquid EPDM Rubber Be Used?

  • Metal - Coated or Galvanized Steel Weathered Aluminum
  • Any type of metal from galvanized, aluminum, steel etc.
  • Copper that has been weathered for at least 5 years
  • Any Rubber roofing system
  • Concrete (assuming there is not lots of foot traffic)
  • Foam
  • Wood that has first been primed with the ProFlex primer found on our website
  • Any liner that is either EPDM or Fiberglass
  • PVC
  • Steel siding that has aged
  • Fiberglass- Note only fiberglass that has aged at least three years
  • A standing seam or corrugated roof
  • Vinyl, polycarbonate and PVC
  • Concrete for example foundations

Applying Liquid Rubber

If you are visiting us for the first time it is important to learn that Liquid EPDM Rubber has been in the marketplace for well over 26 years and in that time thousands of customers have relied on its overall performance, longevity and its cost benefit when compared to multiple coat systems. If you have not checked out our videos sent in my our customer we invite you to see first-hand how this product works in action. Our customers span the globe from multi-national companies to local companies like Tesla Motors, Holiday Inn, Applebee's and Olive Garden and Kohl's to name a few. During the years one thing was clear; there is not another one coat system on the market that can provide all the benefits and value that Liquid EPDM can. You can also view our corporate video that provides you a 5 minute overview on the history of epdm its key benefits and characteristics that set apart in the industry along with some examples of projects that were completed.

Liquid epdm rubber has a very high percent of elongation 180-200% actually. Since it’s a liquid once it cured or dries it will provide a smooth seamless membrane leaving you never to worry again about splits or leaks or separation along the seams. It waterproof right after it has been applied so no need to worry about weather conditions after it is applied. It will handle harsh temperatures and more importantly very broad temperature swings; for example it can almost instantly change from -20 to 80F without jeopardizing its strength and durability. It is both UV and Ozone resistant and will not chalk after 8-9 years unlike the sheet version of EPDM rubber.

The product is not just a roof sealant it is essentially a new roof for a fraction of the cost. With completed projects that are over 20 years already they are still holding strong with their original one coat application. Liquid EPDM is environment friendly, durable and reliable and manufactured with materials that exceed North American and World-wide standards.


Versatility and Features

  • A do it yourself application
  • One coat is all that is needed on most surfaces
  • Significant reduction in labor costs with a one coat system
  • Can be easily applied with a combination or squeegee, brush & 1/4 inch short nap roller and for large commercial roofs airless spray equipment
  • It does not produce any harmful vapor
  • Flexible allowing for give and take as the temperatures of your roof force roof to expand and contract
  • No toxic odors
  • Provides for a perfectly seamless finish
  • Resistant to puncturing
  • During the curing process will chemically fuse itself to the surface

Product Application

  • Waterproofing foundations and areas prone to dampness
  • Concrete storage containers
  • Industrial coatings
  • Rest reduction and preventative coating
  • Retaining features, tanks, pipes, cooling towers,

The Many Uses for Liquid Rubber

One of the main reasons Liquid Rubber is used so widely not just in the roofing industry but throughout many industries is the fact that it produces a seamless finish. Second since it is EPDM rubber its overall tolerances to harsh environments and conditions make it a unanimous choice among engineers

Liquid EPDM Rubber was initially created to solve the issue with recurring roofing leaks but over the years the uses have spanned from aerospace, to military to industrial applications.

Liquid Rubber may be applied on roof decks, metal roofs, gutters, structural steel, air conditioner enclosures, cooling towers, galvanized steel, unit heater flues, smoke stacks and chimneys, fiberglass and non porous masonry surfaces. Liquid Roof is excellent for wood, canvas, cement, or metal roof repair over large surface areas. 

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