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Liquid EPDM Coatings Success History

"EPDM coatings does not retail in stores. This insures that product is not setting on shelves ageing and allowing you to get direct from factory product. Also we pass the saving onto you cutting out the middleman!"

With over a 25 year history of success Liquid rubber is the only 100% liquid epdm rubber in the world. Proudly made in the U.S.A. Liquid EPDM is unlike any other roofing sealant. Its 25 year history of success has proven itself superior in the marketplace. We encourage you to read our testimonials and view our videos where customers over the years have given their input about the product and its ease of application. So why is Liquid Rubber so different? For years epdm has been used in glass-run channels, radiators, garden hoses, the seals around our refrigerators, pond liners, washers to name a few. The reason it has been so widely accepted is its overall heat, ozone and weather resistance. Liquid EPDM has proved to outperform synthetic rubbers and has been tested to outlast and outperform elastomerics, acrylics and urethanes.

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From Roofing Perspective Liquid EPDM is the Product of Choice

  • A true "Do-It-Yourself" product with over a 25 year history of success
  • Waterproofs immediately upon application EVEN in the uncured state
  • Will take ponding water 365 Days a year!
  • One coat application
  • No primer needed on most surfaces
  • Temperature tolerance (-60F to 400F)
  • Elongation 100-600%
  • Environmental Resistances
    • Ozone (Excellent)
    • Oxygen (Excellent)
    • Weathering (Excellent)
    • Water & Steam (Excellent)
    • Acids, Dilute (Excellent)
    • Electrical Properties (Excellent)
  • Liquid EPDM waterproof immediately. If it rains directly after application your roof is already protected

Benefits of Liquid EPDM

Other benefits of the product are that it is very forgiving to drastic temperature changes. For those of us living in some of the colder climates it can get to 50F during the day and drop to -25 at night. This is the one of the key differences in EPDM vs other roof sealants.

Key Feature of Liquid Roof

One of the greatest benefits is its slow cure time. Although it sounds like a disadvantage it really is one of the key benefits and here is why. Other coatings dry quickly leaving air trapped between the substrate and the coating this provides for an unstable roof coating and eventually leads to cracking and separation. With the Liquid EPDM during its slow cure process it finds its way into the small cracks and crevices providing for an airtight seal between the roof and the coating. Essentially the liquid epdm and your existing roof become one.

Cure Conditions

Liquid rubber is a catalyst based system whereby you mix a pre-measured bottle of catalyst into the Liquid epdm. The cure rate of Liquid Rubber is temperature dependent; i.e. higher temperatures will accelerate the cure and lower temperatures will retard it. Contact with air is another requirement. If, for example, if a rain shower develops before the material has cured and water is collecting on the uncured material the following condition will prevail. Material that is still wet will prevent water from penetrating the film; however, the curing process will not begin unless material is exposed to air. The material under water will remain uncured until the water has evaporated and the surface again becomes exposed to air, at which time the curing process will begin. So you don’t need to be worried if you get an unexpected rain shower after the application is completed.

EPDM Cost Summary vs. The Competition

EPDM Cost Summary vs. The Competition

As featured in Article Insider, Roofers Exchange, Roofing Classified and Fine Home Building Magazine.The ONLY Liquid EPDM Rubber in the world. Liquid Roof can be applied on most surfaces and waterproofs immediately upon application. All orders come with curing catalyst. The material requires daytime temps of 55 degrees to cure. It can go below 55 during the night as long as it gets above 55 during the day. Liquid Roof has a 6 Months shelf life if catalyst is not mixed.

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