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You probably have plenty of EPDM rubber in your home. It's used in hosing, tubing, belts, insulation, and seals to name just a few hot spots. As a strong water resister, it's a popular choice as a pond liner, for RV roofs, roofing membranes, and as a motor oil additive. This miracle material can withstand extreme temperatures, deflects heat, and resists even the harshest weather and ozone. You can even customize it to a pastel color before enjoying its superior electrical properties.

Liquid Rubber is the liquid equal to EPDM rubber. It's the best solution to strengthen, re-coat, and extend the life of your roof. However, it's a re-coating tool, not a roofing material itself.

Note: This product is not advised for asphalt shingles stainless steel or glass. Any other application other than those listed would not be considered an acceptable use

Get a complete list of acceptable surfaces here.

You can use Liquid EPDM for a new building or RV roof, or to reinforce an existing roof. Enjoy extreme strength, durability, and flexibility. Liquid EPDM works well with almost every material.

Consider all of the EPDM you regularly use every day—from the hoses in your car to the gaskets on your refrigerators. Those pieces take a serious beating. Luckily, EPDM is affordable and easy to work with, especially in liquid form. Don't be bothered with strong fumes or a weak product. Get the same benefits as EPDM Rubber, but as a liquid. A completely waterproof seal, environmentally friendly, and only a one-coat application makes the choice easy. There is no other product on the market that can even come close to competing with Liquid EPDM.

Should You Choose Neoprene Rubber or Liquid EPDM Rubber?

You might have worked with Neoprene Rubber before. Liquid EPDM Rubber is relatively new, and Neoprene Rubber used to be the go-to option. However, Neoprene Rubber required several coats and top coating, which was time-consuming and expensive. It’s a low solids material and has severe limitations.

epdm liquid rubber

When EPDM Rubber became available, everything changed. This is a high solids material that cures slowly. The high solids content means that only one coat is necessary and it’s instantly protective against UV and ozone, which Neoprene Rubber couldn’t offer. You can put boiling water or direct sunlight on EPDM Rubber for hours—or even days—with no side effect. It’s a safer option and can withstand saltwater, unlike Neoprene. However, EPDM doesn’t work well with waxes, oils, and fats. These three materials are the product’s only weakness.

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