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Liquid Roof and Liquid Rubber Compared to Other Products
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EPDM Cost Summary vs. The Competition

Liquid Roof is the best product available for sealing leaks, reflecting heat, extending the life of a roof, and general aesthetics. You’re faced with a lot of options when re-coating your roof. What about acrylics, asphalt, or silicone? What’s the big difference?

It’s important to know the pros and cons of every product—and you’ll quickly see why Liquid Roof is superior. Liquid Roof isn’t “like rubber.” It’s a 100% EPDM rubber. A lot of other coatings boast great pros like low cost and quick cures. However, all of these products are water-based. This means if there’s a downpour, freezing temperature, snow, dew, or even strong winds right after application, they can be damaged. Acrylic-coating products might be totally destroyed. You’ll be left with a do-over, shrinking, and caulking. Don’t be tempted by a shockingly low price up front. Liquid Roof is durable, immediately waterproof, and the most cost-effective solution in the long run.

Liquid Roof Won’t be Damaged

Liquid Roof is basically the liquid version of EPDM. EPDM is renowned as the highest quality product on the market for decades. Liquid Rubber stands up to ozone and UV and can even withstand temperatures ranging from well below freezing at -40° to a blistering 300° F. No other product can do that. This means great aging, flexibility, and general strength.

All About Liquid Roof/Liquid Rubber

  • Withstands water

  • UV and ozone resistant

  • Use on most roofing surfaces

  • Three times better than other options on the market

  • Resists freezing

  • Only requires one coat

  • No shrinking or chalking

  • Instantly waterproof

  • Can hold up against any weather conditions

Convinced yet? Liquid Roof is the only choice if you’re looking for a beautiful, long term, cost-effective, and DIY project. Roofs pond water—that’s just a fact. However, Liquid Roof is up for the challenge.

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